Hey! @VitaminL I love your latex idea, hope you don't mind if I dress up some lolis ♡ and thanks to @slimshod for choosing the hottest crusader ♡

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Cow Chow by @Strawberry

Little Melanie had always wanted to be a special meal for someone and now she's getting the chance with her creator, Chango. It's clear that both are enjoying themselves.

A super cute piece of gift art for @Chango of her sona and OC from my meatgirl comic. Thank you to both Chango and Strawberry for being wonderful people and artists :blobheart:

An Old artwork made for my friend @AndrasDukeofHell that I couldn't post anywhere else in the past because my other pages do not accept this kind of content cofcofcabezasewebocofcof


This Skech is inspired in @slimshod oc Cici and a weird clothes desing I saw in a little girls toy xD but I inmediately love how it would looks in Cici <3

Do you remember Braceface? this.. teenage series about teenagers? It's so silly I didn't want to remember but...... here we are :,v and this is how I see Sharon, as the bitch she is xD

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