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Happy New Year to my new friends and ones I've yet to meet! Hope to make more art (especially drawing!) and make more friends here!

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Still wondering what to put on this account. Probably the most exclusive stuff I'd put up are of Elu since everyone is down with Loli here ^_^

I'll make a profile for her soon!

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Well... why not? Soft soles must be worth of praise, don't you think? ^^

ayane-slavetoy ( ) as herself.

There's been a bit of misinformation going around about Baraag
Baraag is not exclusively a loli/shota instance, we're an art instance first and foremost that allows loli and shota art, as well as any other form of art
We rely on users moderating their own browsing experience using the mute/block button, provided there's art you wouldn't like to see on your timeline

Therefore you shouldn't feel ashamed to post whatever art floats your canoe and piques your interests :blobcheer:

I'm a day early, but Happy Birthday @Dorothy ! Some sketches from a recent practice. I think I might make some of these into finished drawings. I'll post more Doro tomorrow.


Le resultat de 2h de travail avec le #logiciel d'#animation #opensource pencil2D !
Je voudrais tellement apprendre à animer...

Cunnilingus R-18
Sex version is published in pixiv.

Many other versions (contain uncensored) are published in patreon.

I think im just gonna keep postimg my here lol so #18 for all of you lovely peeps

『R18/NSFW』Mina and 

More of Shindou Kunoichis(新堂母娘)! Both Hisako & Yuri are here to say Hi!

[R18/NSFW] Shota Banging Girls 

:comfy_cirno: havnt really done much this year, but heres something quick and something i cant be bothered to finish
im still alive flu didnt finish me off

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