Sorry I've been non existent for a bit. I'll try not to disappear again.

Slapped a little color on the last Polly stuff I was workin on.
There's more coming soon. 🐸

Polly - Amphibia

@Carapace Wow Wow Wow! This is amazing!!!
Also, welcome back 😘

@Carapace This seriously the best and now it's in color, fantastic!

I love the receding tadpole tail wrapping around the dick. Great work!

@Carapace Glad to see you back! Hope everything is alright? Amazing Polly she looks so good love the idea only uses the overall

@Carapace A triumphant return! This masterpiece is even better now with some color! Polly is my favorite Plantar. I'm so glad they gave her such a sexy frog form. This comic perfectly captures her appeal.

@Carapace good froggy God -- why must this activate all my neurons? :blobreachdrool:

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