Added a splash of color to it.
I don't think I've tried to color anything in aggieio before.

Ivy - Polly - Maddie - Amphibia

@Carapace Amazing job with these. You draw slender bodies so well :blobsweat:

@Carapace ohh they look so good, nice contrast with the bikini

@Carapace They dropped the ball with Maddie's potential, especially that last minute shipping.
She shall always remain my main frog princess 💙🍆💦

@DARQ @Carapace I didn't see her get shipped with anyone last minute.

She ran her stand with her sisters in her last scene. And wasn't with anyone other than them at the unveiling of Anne's statue.

@sunshineandlolipops I was referring to the beginning of the show when Maddie was first introduced, and saw Sprig as an interest.
But then they shoehorned in the body positive yellow toad tom-boy and that was when the ship sunk.💔

@DARQ Ivy's a Frog not a Toad, I believe.

But kk, fair enough. I misunderstood what you meant with "last minute". Thanks for clarifying.

@sunshineandlolipops. No problem, thanks for the correction.
I thought she was a toad due to the body shape....still a shame, I really did like the mah goth frog 🐸 princess ✌️🤤💙💙💙💕

@Carapace They're making me gay for these frogs. By which I mean please draw more of them.

@Carapace I don't know these characters but this is adorable.

@list @Carapace From left to right: Ivy Sundew, Polly Petunia Plantar, and Maddie Flour from Disney's "Amphibia":

@Carapace Calamity Trio the Frog Version. The Show maybe over but i do hope we get some more Polly and Ivy cause of their glowup in the End

@schnilz Maddie and Polly for sure I'll be making some stuff for! Maaaybe some Ivy.

@Carapace Polly's skin tone is a bit off/too dark, but I love the coloring of Ivy and Maddie.

Also, nice idea with their chest, belly, and pussy areas being colored lighter, than their legs, arms and faces! Looks like tanlines! XD

@sunshineandlolipops Yeah it's all a bit dark now that I've had some time away from it. I think the background tone might have influenced it.
They have the lighter areas on their face and I just like the idea that it extends to their chest and bellies.
And I'm glad you think that cause I tried to make it feel like tanlines!

@Carapace Looking forward to more of all 3 of these bitches (I say that with love, BTW.), m8.

@Carapace Cute little frog girls are made to be bred by human cock 😭

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