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I'm taking commissions.
Throw me a DM on discord if you'd like one. The info is in the sheet.

Gonna go with 3 slots to start with.
Please be gentle with me.

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I made a ko-fi a while ago but I forgot to mention it.
If you want to toss some dollars at me that would make me very happy. Thank you. <3

Also here's some drawpile doodles so that there's something to look at with this post. Some Maddie and Marcy.

@LilAndy 's OC Lily - Helmet

Based on this illustration.

Pixiv request made by wampast0mpa.

I got a Peing post asking if I can do LilAndy's other OCs too. I do plan to do them too but my priority is for the commissions first, and it just so happens that this requester likes Lily.

There were some meme clothes these days on twitter. I did it too.

Support me, buy a commission! Check pin for prices.


Molly McGee

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Doodles/Concept Art:

Some Collector horniness I had to get out of my system.
Inspired by @negao 's stuff 👌

I'm probably gonna make more at some point cause I haven't had my fill 🌜

The Collector - The Owl House

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