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I'm taking commissions.
Throw me a DM on discord if you'd like one. The info is in the sheet.

Gonna go with 3 slots to start with.
Please be gentle with me.

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I made a ko-fi a while ago but I forgot to mention it.
If you want to toss some dollars at me that would make me very happy. Thank you. <3

Also here's some drawpile doodles so that there's something to look at with this post. Some Maddie and Marcy.

Finished the pic of Powder/Jinx in grisswimmingsuit. Thanks to the work or Carapace for the inspiration.

Still got my commission open.

You know I love size different and lalafells
If you want a commission go to or DM.
Comm info here:
My HF KisekiTemiro ( )
Twitter AmazingPanties ( )

20220118reqskt A, C

all holes spread in the set CπŸš€

December Poll Winner.

Hat Kid

Uncensored Hi-Rez available to Fanbox Members.

The cover is here for the long overdue Andrea X Molly Mcgee comic that has been voted for months ago. This comic will be exclusive to Suggestion Tier. The following pages will come out over time. So it will be a bit before the comic is complete.

Got inspired by Carapace with his drawings of Powder/Jinx hope you guys like this sketch gonna finish it a soon I can.

Jinx/Powder again
I felt like drawing her in a micro bikini and thought I'd theme it to her costume

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