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Matilde's first serious attempt at masturbating; and her first lewd pic overall. An arduous but rewarding experience.

Early morning quickie with Charlotte & her dad, sadly interrupted. You'd think a sneaker seller wouldn't be an essential worker.

Ladonna showing the goods.
Wish she wasn't as underrated as she is.

Happy easter!

I couldn't ask for a better bun to celebrate it with than Marina.

And a bath they took...~

Is it me or is lesbian/beast stuff really rare? Wish there was more out there.

2nd Cream comm for Megakirbs.
Yeah, the madlad wanted 2 butt pinups hah.

Cream commission for Megakirbs on IB.

Bun butts are always pleasing to draw.

Sorry for the reupload, drew DW's feet backwards. :angry_laugh:

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D.W. & Jane full render commission for Zephyrrr on IB.

Loved working on this one, picnics are a good excuse to get intimate.

Say hi to Matilde~

She's a new OC that i'll be adding to my regulars' group, i feel very proud of her design.

I really hope you guys like her.

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