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Are polaroids the 90s version of snapchat? Regardless @Bzehburger 's Charlotte has something to share

Art by , color by me

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Birthday thing for myself, she's the gift that keeps on giving ~
Animation by @ECO19 , lines and coloring by me.

Fully shaded comm for an anonymous benefactor featuring DW, Bud & Arthur.

Beach days are the best for some ass-fucking.

Elinor and her mom ready to tackle Halloween with some cutesy matching witch outfits~

Naughty Fern~

I usually try not to get headcanons into stuff, but she always struck me as being secretly kinky.

Muffy & Francine commission for DriveMan12 on twitter.

These 2 are always fun to draw.

Some titty-sucking with Monique and Loretta.

Mother/daughter pairings are always the best, besides, been a while since i drew lactation.

Buster and Mora bedtime BJ.

For a spinoff character, she really well designed and cute.

Total "mommy".

Sophia (my oc) & Molly having some nice cuddles.

Really getting used to her tbh.

Some Elinor doodles that my bud @Sin_Buttons inspired me to make.

Love her design, PBS buns never miss.

Fletcher and Lucy~

(these two have never interacted in the show but i thought they looked cute together)

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