Carla's spring dogsitting job; Hotter days means she gets to hang naked around the house~

TR: "Chill neighbor, your pooch is in good hands...(or rather feet heheheh)"

Araceli's late night indulgences~

With plenty of pockys bought, all that's left is get to bed and watch some romantic animes all night.

Bzeh :verified: boosted

Spoopy jester Marina to get in the Halloween mood ❀️

Yeah, these two will get along great haha~

This one is inspired by a story where some guy said this to his paraplegic friend.

Carla's mom Olivia, still quite a catch at her 50's.
Been wanting to draw her again after all this time.

After Araceli gave her a tip, Matilde found out her showerhead makes for a nice makeshift toy~

Here's a fun little crossover idea i had ❀️
Featuring Molly, Ladonna and Fern.

Noelle butts~ ❀️
She's lovely, an angel even, one would say.

Feliz 18 muchachos~ πŸ‡¨πŸ‡±
Charlotte como siempre es la primera en curarse brigido jajaja, con eso le sale el lado romantico al menos.

A generous offer by Fletcher, will you take her up on that? 😼

Some simpsins incest.

Good Maggie pics are rare to come by so why not make one myself.

Dotty & Emily.
Based of the last special; Expect to see her a lot more often in my stuff, she's a god tier milf.

Araceli & Andrea in Diva's artstyle cause honestly you can't get any cuter than that.

Marina's cooking time w/ mom.
I like the idea of her teaching her some easy recipes for simple pastries, would be a cute start~

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