@xierra099 Please, take good care of those precious, precious hands.

For your sake, too. 🤟 👍

@Aurus Nah, it's just personal p̶e̶r̶v̶e̶r̶s̶i̶o̶n̶ preference. 👍
I regret even mentioning it.

@Cjhomics Looks like it's about to get very sexy and/or painful.

@xierra099 I could only afford a store-brand model.
Wouldn't change a thing now, but, ehh... You get what you pay for.


@yamibuki Supes cutes. I absolutely love the coordinated outfits; that deliberate choice must have been tricky to pull off. 😎

If I had to pick a favorite, from this, it'd be the g̶l̶a̶s̶s̶e̶s̶ girl in the glasses.

@ThunderThot Defying the outcome of polls runs in the family. 😎

@ThunderThot Didn't know they had characters, is it like a gacha thing? (lol)

She is very cute, I like the girl they have her paired with, too.
(plz don't read this as a request to draw her as well, tho, do you thang)

@ThunderThot Luv the tum.

My favorite fic is any Dip x harem.
They're always so... written.

@Aurus Très beau.
Je suis un peu jaloux; I had plans for this myself, not that I ever started, lol.

The characters look very nice, tho I would have made them a bit more similar.Mothers & daughters don't have to look identical, or like each other at all, but... the fetish. :blobmeltsoblove:

Headcanon: Gingers, long extinct, are now a fad style among the youth.

(Je ne parle pas français, besides what I learned from junior high & bilingual packaging 🇨🇦)

@ThunderThot Hypothesis: It's always OK to cheat on a time-travelling partner, since if they're going to be bothered by it, they will/would have gone back to prevent it already.

Not that I'd ever...

@ThunderThot This poll, so graphic.

Must vote for that sweet oyakodon. ❤️

@Abysswatchers Technically sexier, but the one-piece beats it in fetish points.
(not to say the variety is unwelcome!)

Do 𝘐 advocate for mandatory vasectomies?
Of course. Not even as an abortion ban allegory.

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No, article recommended by Google I didn't finish, vasectomy is a different thing from castration.

Radical feminism is not, in fact, caused by cancer nor chemotherapy.

Liking a facetious tweet by a comedian doesn't, necessarily, mean you want all young boys to receive vasectomies by law.

BTW, article recommended by Google I didn't finish, when you open complaining about this year's Shootgame XXVII and explicitly blame Woman Who Liked Tweet, it kinda gives away your game.

Google, WTF?

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