Does anyone know, like, a good slang term/colloquialism for the corpus spongiosum (CW: icky anatonomical pics on Google)? You know, the "bulgy" underside of the penis?

I've given this a lot of thought. I believe this to be the "throat" of the penis, in appearance and function, and we should all know it as such.

Image credit: Toshiyuki Kusakihara, Fire Emblem Heroes (im srry)

Hey, whatd'ya know; this Marianne's signature special doesn't even trigger during combat.
TL: the horrible dickmonster doesn't even necessarily show up ever (there's like a shadow or w/e).

No complaints.
Image credit: Toshiyuki Kusakihara, Fire Emblem Heroes
(satisfied F2P customer)

@Buttfool the only ones I have heard are "chunnel" and "trouser snake's throat"

@son_of_the_paladin Yeah yeah. I don't want credit for "throat", it's right there, too perfect, people must be calling it that. But I'm not googling "penis throat" and expecting anything useful.

I did find "chunnel" online, but I don't buy it. OTOH, I was never clear on what a "chunnel" was to begin with. Maybe that's what all those British peeps were talking about, all along.

@Buttfool Chunnel was coined as a portmanteau of "Channel" and "tunnel", so I don't think it was ever used before the Chunnel was built, but I don't think most people really think about the CS, since it's subdermal. I think most people just think about the urethra

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