@Butterchalk. Is that the loli mermaid from Berserk? ❤️‍🔥💕

@Butterchalk Damn, my favorite Isma pic you've done so far!

You really picked a perfect time to do Isma pictures. That latest chapter of Berserk...

@CurledTails i loved when nuts berked all over the asspostles with his giant swod

@Butterchalk Once again beautifully drawn Isma with outstandingly drawn mouthwatering breast shapes!

I love seeing her on top in a sex scene! XD

You honor Bersek and Miura with your work. :)

@Butterchalk the fact that there isn't a cum alt makes me so sad. Ngl that's lowkey the most attractive part of your art

@Butterchalk I sincerely appreciate your taste in Rule 34 delights! This is stellar badass sexy artwork 😍😍😍

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