@Butterchalk all the teasing got him REALLY Pent up. FUCK. shes gonna have her first period before he finishes flooding her.

@Butterchalk This is the good stuff. I feel my heart grow lighter with such perfect shota x loli art like this. Thank you for delivering as usual. :censored_handholding: :luke_ok:

I don鈥檛 like the anime.
But i love the art. TwT

@Butterchalk I never get tired of Takagi art. I love seeing her in your style.

@Butterchalk This is the official ending to the manga now. Wherever the manga ends, this is the next page. I mean we already know they have a daughter, right?

@Butterchalk OH these two are sooooooo sexy... X3

Thank you kindly for drawing them with such devoted sweaty cum-drenched succulent passion! Fucking hell, they're bound to bang each other dry at this rate... and the way she's just gazing into his face with wanton desire while hugging him so close, fuuuuuuck <3 <3 <3

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