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"It's okay if you're a little jealous, there's no need to be shy about it" 😏

a pool scene commissioned by Starhoof and featuring his own Danae and Arlina teasing Rosine who belongs to @Butterchalk 🤭

My part of an art trade with @Butterchalk from last month, they asked me to draw Amalia who belongs to @Clara 🌸 🌸 🌸


Who to draw after commissions? I can't choose between these 4 :blobbroken: comments can include other suggestions because me empty head

A quick take on Asuka, with her classic old beachwear, I did on ocassion of her birthday a "few" days ago. I can never get her quite right :p, might try again soon...

damn does anyone know good storyboarders or writers, i'd love to make a very small comic or something, not just single images

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