well, im working on this comic.. the wendip comic must wait a little more

i was expecting something diferent, but theres no diference betwen the beta and the final game, also, this is not a souls like game. i realy think devs gona fix that on final release but they didnt. the outfits are lit, the game play is good but the visuals and enviroment is trash

I added a Japanese translation (tentative) to the list of 2022 #Lolitober themes. I am not so sure about the translation this time, as there are a lot of subjects that I wonder how to translate. If you find any errors, please let me know.

i think i alredy know what im gonna be when i grow up

yes, i got the LWN like 2 years ago and havent getting all trophys yet :akkoshrug:

i have notice something about the meds i take... the voices still fighting but now i dont fear them, i feel no fear when the dog bites me. the panic atacks are stopped this whole mont. i sleept 5 to 6 hours now from now

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