send proof that you are the anon that post the nobeta outfit image to /v/ and you will be rewarded as well

some body plz post this on /v/ just dont say anything (just post it without any text) i'd like to perform an expermient...

also, the winners of the last expermient please send me a safe way to contact with u, this is the outfit price i was talking about. still on (no)beta stage so still have a lot of vertex weigth errors

Hilda doesn't mind being on a nude beach.

From the July FanBox release! If you'd like to support me, click here! ===>

being totally ocuppied on something is the only way i have to avoid total maddness... so i have fixed the bunny outfit and manage to put some bones on those ears, oh yeah!

As all i know you could be fake, a product of my tormented mind... And now im smiling at you... Fuck, youre not real do u?

You beter save this outfit in a safe cuz in my trying to perform an importan update and jiggle some bones to the bunny ears i messed up the rig bones and now is totally fucked and i did not save any backup so hate yourselfs (as normal people do) instead of hate me... :courage:

all slots are done, here you can see the oc's people ask me to draw

The croma falls level at game is totally redone, that means a lot of outfits (mines and other moders aswell) gonna lose the colectible item, so updates may be totally needed in order to work as intended

aint you gonna say thatyou have forgot about the carol demoness outfit

Hello, unfortunately I have been sick these days and I need help.
If you can and want to help, you can do it in several ways:
* Donated to my paypal:
* Subscribing to my Fanbox:
* Asking for commissions:
Any help is appreciated

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