Introducing lil me 😎 I will be reliving my childhood, teen years, and current adulthood thru him. Made by @NumberFour :blobhug2:


Arnold: “I knew I should’ve stayed home”
Carlos: “Butt I thought you love cumming to see me.”

Art by @SolanderDraws 🥰

Another great set of Peedee pics I requested from a old drawfag named Secret on /co/. Miss him 😞

Terrible painting by me tho 😩

A wonderful commission of the twins from @carpincho_kev getting a deal for a deal from Mephisto 👹😈

A great commission I got from @Abunchofhooey ^^!! First pic is Steve and Morty having their usual teen horniness; and the 2nd is Clyde getting fondled by his lonely dad 😈

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