Hide your cats y'all Harpy boys are here! xD

unless you want your cat to get rekt! <//u//<

also, are harpy boys vegetarians?
(<β—‘< )

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@Bonzobon Vegetarians? those talons are for hunting!πŸ–

@DPeev hahaaa xD well or maybe they're for apple peeling? <u<

@DPeev ROFL xD whos the psychopath who peels Apples Before eating them lol

@Bonzobon Not that often you see harpy boys. I am splendid to see more :3

@Bonzobon I have a meat substitute he'll surely love ehe 😈

@Littlerager Lol I know he'll be all over that good meat <//u//<

@Bonzobon harpies are a bird based species so id say its about what bird their based on, like my harpy tannis is based on a western tanager which are mostly berry eating birds i believe so she loves berries

@DevilKrin Correction! we need super horny Harpy boys <//u//<;

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