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ヽ(  ̄∀ ̄)ノ~o0i My Lovlies🦋

I redrew My Goomba Boy few days ago🍄

Fugly Bois need Love too~

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ᕕ( >ヮ<)ᕗ~eeyyy yooo
breaking news! Etna is a boi!!
whos your favorite Disgaea character? if you say Laharl ill blast your kitchen fridge with a meteor (<◡< )

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Aye, guys, I'm ecstatic to show y'all the summer project event. Welcome to the Hot Boy Summer
An event filled with locks and boys feating some fantastic artists. Link:

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Studies report that nerdy types are usually the most degenerate.

heheee Poll update! done with the sketch~ hope yall cardcaptor fans approve❤️

( ಡ ∀ ಡ ) Fuweh he he he he ~


Next Project:
Which Sakura should be Shotafied?

Note: Loli versions will be made available too~❤️

I streamed lots lately, here's some doodles I did, Oh shout out to my awesome special boy Milo<3

Something else I ded these past weeks, was working so hard on this new fast colorings approach that focuses on body accents instead of directional lights, hope I did good xP

The Ballet Dancer 💃

apparently all male Ballet dancers wear Penis Cages <m<

helps them stay on their tippy toes. so cruel :(


anyone with strange PP Facts?

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A little one page doujin with bonus sepia image. :) ty for reading!

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Since the poll was a Chun-li Misty tie I had to work on her too T u T

PS Ducks have human PPs, 100% accurate🦆

Hah! rumor has it that a kick from Chun-li gives you a boner that lasts for 3 to 4 days, wont mind a lil kick in the butt <//u//<; anyone?

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Aight time for some Loli-love💕 what should I do next <//u//<'

Here ya go Poll winners✨
Look at this thirsty Ass Sexually compulsive Peter Poon👮

I hear whispers of a Crossdressing Tinkerbell out there🧚‍♀️ <//u//<;

Felt like doing something out my comfort zone, my dub @Senka had an awesome fire character he designed, tried my best to apply his fiery skin, dang it! drawing fire is hard T u T

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