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Join my 01:30 hour Gymnastical Study stream >//u//<

All is welcomed❤️

Meet awesome Sphinx boy Nefer <3
Hes one of @zeklullaby 's amazing OCs ,please show him all the love and Cookies❤️ 🍪

Hide your cats y'all Harpy boys are here! xD

unless you want your cat to get rekt! <//u//<

also, are harpy boys vegetarians?
(<◡< )

eyo0 <u<
Im Redoing an old concept I worked on few years back, A harpy boy, done with the sketch Ill color him this week yaaay

PS. Bon have Big PP >:(


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wo0h, found this ancient OC Ive made ages ago while organizing my folders xD

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Eeey made Bot bases for those who want to chime in and have their own xP 🤖Bzzzz⚡ Go crazy Y'all! give em all them dope neon palettes :win3_paintbrush:

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