( TT ﹏ TT ) Help!
Im watching the exorcism of Emily rose

ヽ(  ̄∀ ̄)ノ~o0i My Lovlies🦋

I redrew My Goomba Boy few days ago🍄

Fugly Bois need Love too~

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Eyo0 x3
sketched @Yadiel 's cute OC Billy❤️

(^◡^;)ゞ I really hope you like my sketch Yadiel

( ゚ヮ゚)/ ~eeeey
Poketoon Gengar Girl, couldn't find her name yet TuT might be Momo, not sure.


ᕕ( >ヮ<)ᕗ~eeyyy yooo
breaking news! Etna is a boi!!
whos your favorite Disgaea character? if you say Laharl ill blast your kitchen fridge with a meteor (<◡< )

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Eeeyyy~ ( >ヮ<)/
Made me an Emma
, Shes belongs to @shouk
thank you shouks for letting me draw your beautiful Froggy girl

Please go and check on their amazing work

Adorb Paulos 1st Dump
I had to repay Lpaws for making me love shotas again ROFL xD

Paulo belongs to @Lpaws

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Eyyy Guys ( >ヮ<)づ ~ wussup!
hope y'all wont mind my dump, lots Of drawings lol, hope you like him and sorry for me baddu English >◡<;

ᕕ( >◡<)ᕗ~♪ bum bum badum bam baa baaam♪

my OC Nixs Sheet

Eyo0 >u<

SO0o0oo Apparently there's this hidden affinity system in X Y <u<;
I made this a while ago and honestly dont like how it turned out T u T yaaay~

# shotacon

Was doing my Daily studies then made me a Futa by mistake <u<
Kinda like her and might do more art of her in the future yaaay~ xD

Any futa lovers out there? ... no?<u<;

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