I haven’t finished bottom Billy so I’ll just post bottom Pietro for now.
When you like Tommy, but want a bigger Tommy 😩

Part 2:
10 year old Jack Jack wants his big bro in him
Max from Camp Camp
These kids from Martha Speaks cause they’re cute together.

Week 3 Part 1:
Stewie disguises himself to get with a high schooler. Scott outed himself in an episode so here he is.
Ben Tennyson. The reboot design looks cute.
Geo from Team Umizoomi
Nishikata from Teasing Master: Tagaki-San

I’m doing 100 drawings for entertainment. ;) week 1: (it won’t let me put 7 so I’m gonna split them)
Boun from Raya and The Last Dragon
Phil and Tommy from WordGirl
Greg and Chirag from Diary of a Wimpy Kid
The Ducks from DuckTales
Kyle and Stan from South Park
Goob from Meet The Robinsons
And Jake and Cubby from Jake and the NeverLand Pirates

I decided to draw Elliott from that new show since there’s nothing of him yet. At least, I haven’t seen any. Let me know if I should draw more of him.

Mabel got a new boyfriend (again). Dipper knew how this would go down so he had a plan. Let’s just say Mabel’s new bf will coming over way more often now.

Chandler said this is the only way Lincoln will get invited to his birthday.

God I love this ship so much.

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