Well, itโ€™s been months in the making, but itโ€™s my pleasure to present Really Loud Funkin, a Sin Kids mod for Friday night funkin. I hope you all enjoy it.

Commission โ€” Hilda vs. Lana Loud
Had this picture in storage for a while now. Had even forgotten I had it. Who do you think would win?

New commission available: Hilda (from the eponymous series) and Lana Loud (from The Loud House).
Full resolution available for Fanbox subscribers only:

it took me ages to do this - i dunno who made that gif, but i have to thank that artist a thousand times!

also soundtrack is from symbionic-titan

08 - Level 100

Fink single-handedly took over Point Prep, she even claimed herself a reward for all her *hard* work :fink:

21 - Treat

Nothing like getting a refreshing drink after a long night of Trick or Treating (mostly tricking let's be real) :fink:

a real quick doodle for day 18: brat/precocious

i thought Louise was both so it seemed like an obvious choice

These and many more sketches were shared yesterday at the chat room. I used to be able to announce it on Twitter that I was going on but that is no more. Either way, regulars show up every Sunday around 6PM PST. So they were fortunate enough to see what I've been working on for the past months.

Day 11 of Cumtoberfest. Technically I posted a sketch on a different day and forgot about this one.

Someone's enjoying her ice cream...

New commission available: Star vs. The Forces of Evil's Moon Butterfly.
Full resolution available for Fanbox subscribers only:

(Lol apparently itโ€™s magical girl for lolitoberโ€ฆwasnโ€™t even planning that)

Maria Rose doing some fundraising for her magical girl group. Though she wishes the boys would last a bit longer.

Art by @niichan

@yev_san I haven't seen anyone talk about this show in over a decade it feels like. Really cool to see her again, GREAT JOB!!!

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