Finn, nocon/dubcon+shota (orgy)+scars+ sex slave 

Day 130: Hilda + Request 

I watched The Proud Family awhile ago and I thought Penny was super cute.

A special post for today: Zone-tan and Pearl, as commissioned by Nebulajam

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

My part of an art trade with @mcquinn of their cute and fun loli Max. This was my first art trade and I really enjoyed it.

Hilda Requests Here !!! 

I noticed a distinct lack of super smol black lolis, so I decided to be the change I wanted to see in the world. Her name is Tania, and she has super kissable lips~

Alrighty, thanks you to everyone who participated in my poll last time. I really enjoyed the last one and wanted to do it again but with all new shows. Again, the show with the highest votes will get requests first, second highest will be done a week later, ect.

This week I will start and finish the sinkids requests, and at the end of it I will start the next batch.

Day 129: Sinkids + Threesome 

loli, yuri, dubcon 

We extended our Paypal solution until February 28th on Peepoodo's official website.
Here is a small WIP preview of the kind of exclusive art/comics in the Dr Pussycat book reward !
Paypalγ‹γ‚‰ζ”―ζ‰•γ„γŒε‡Ίζ₯ます !

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