Inked Comm 

Some toddlercon drawings. Sketch reward, and full color commission for Chimecho on IB

Gwen from Total Dramarama and Staci from Boss Baby.

Hey guys ! I'll open 5 slots next week ! Reserve your slot today ! :>

Inked Comm 

drunk (dubcon), public sex, gay shota, gigantic cock 

Commissions are open~

For now I'll test the waters with the new prices and go with 10 slots

Inked Comm 

Day 86: Ben 10 + Flashing 


If I lend my car to my roommate for them to go to work and they drive it for any other reason, did he steal my car? ๐Ÿค”

This happened to me about 2 months ago. They say I'm being controlling, and feel trapped inside their own house. Am I a bad person for not letting him use the car anymore???

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