No sketch today, so instead a poll. Show more

Day 56. Hilda + Cooking Show more

Day 55. SinKids + Kissing Show more

Day 54. SVTFOE + Captured Show more

Day 52. Sin Kids + Random Show more

Day 51. Hilda + Comic Show more

Day 50. SVTFOE + Random Show more

Colored version of day 46 of my sketches. Show more

Day 49. Kaguya-sama: Love Is War + Exhibitionism Show more

Commission for Anon Show more

Day 48. Code Geass + Glory Hole Show more

Day 47. Re: Zero + Yuri Show more

I'm sorry about leaving everyone hanging last week waiting for those anime sketches.

I found out last week that this week I'll be moving in with a buddy of mine. I'm helping him cover his bills so he can save up for a vehicle and get his life together after his then girlfriend left him.

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