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It's been a while since we last saw Nega-Timmy getting his away. Let's fix that, and this time, he's screwing his female double. (Timmantha)

You could say, it's an "Into the Timmyverse" thing.

Done by @N3f as a sweet commission.

Released FANBOX content, Consider offering your support for early access ( )

Decided to draw some hazel cause she's got a mondo cutie design. Haven't gotten around to watching Infinity train but I'll get to it...eventually.

I love this ship, I needed to draw them โœจ
>>> <<< โŠ‚(ยดโ€ข ฯ‰ โ€ข`โŠ‚)

My part of an art trade with @kirisuto
Great artist, one of my favourites! go check him out :blobrainbow:

A commission for Pony1945, drawn by Soulcentinel. Featuring the likes of loli flurry heart being all kinds of mean to her daddy.

Doodles based in a friend's comment. [The Last one was the first one done]
Why Chicken isn't wearing a shirt in the "2nd" pic? Maybe I was planning to draw a shirtless Cow and I changed my mind or something, it was late at night.

Drew Anne and Sasha while watching Amphibia traditionally. Decided to splash some colors on it in Sai as practice. Sorry it's kinda messy.

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