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I have a Discord server!
If you like to draw or tolerate my art join if please.

If you do not want to join and want to chat or want invite me to a server, my user: Bluelimelight#5910

@Nitrorun 's barbarian elf doodle. All these wild girls this week is driving me crazy.

And here is my first OC of my medieval/fantasy world!

I found a site that randomly generated rpg characters. And one of the results was a barbarian elf!

But she still has no name! What name do you think would be nice to her?


Tetra and Link together!

The worst part about being a 3D modeler is making props and background. Does anyone know any good site that can get some backgrounds? It's been a week since I've been trying to make a background for Tetra and Link, but it's not getting the way I want it to!

🎀 🍑 🎩 UPDATE! 

Can't seem to get dororo out of my head so here's a sfw dororo sketch I made today...

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