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I have a Discord server!
If you like to draw or tolerate my art join if please.

If you do not want to join and want to chat or want invite me to a server, my user: Bluelimelight#5910

A quick and simple guide to differentiating between lolis and petite women, since sometimes t can be hard to tell the difference. Included and NSFW and SFW version for those who might want to share it.

This has been an idea in my head for years. Originally it was a drawing with two random lolis. But when I got into 3D art I knew it was the perfect opportunity to get back to it. I might expand on this in the future with more scenes.

Thanks to the volunteers who let me use their names and pfps!

(art by )

Guess who has low self-control and commissioned another piece? This time, we have some nice Dipper/Mabel/Pacifica action.

(cw: loli, shota, incest, breathplay, impreg mention)

[Loli ahead]

So, the line animation is finally complete, other minor details and a possible background will be added in the colored version... Temp gif


*NEW one shot PORNYCON 2019, Waifus Pack # 2 and drawing packages from previous months are on sale at Gumroad:

You gotta love a loli with that look
You pound and breed her crazy
That phat ass needs more intensity
Keep thrusting till she's dizzy!
You need to find a loli with that look, and bang till her mind breaks!!

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