Hypno (but really just long) 

Rian here's a big fan of Hypno-Fox, the internet cartoon that stars a Fox who hypnotizes boys. Looking for more information he ends up finding a community of guys more than willing to help him feel like the boys in the show. He spends hours watching Hypno-Fox while his new friends tell him what to do until they turn him into their toy.

Hypno (but really just long) 

The Monster Himself: Hypno-Fox and his Boy Genius Nemisis:
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Approx. 7 feet
He steals. And steals and steals. He's never been caught for more than a couple minutes so no one knows where he takes everything. (He is burying it in a big hole) Everyone who has been close to catching him has woken up in a daze hours later with only vague feelings about what happened.

None more often than:

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@Anonanim He's young, dumb (really dumb for letting them get away with this in giving his consent) and about to eventually be full of cum in due time.

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