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:blob0w0: did you know moff actually has a defined wing pattern but i often forget to tell people about it. also I have some iq. not enough though.

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i need to find a new muse. i'm tired of drawing SU characters. not even into the show anymore really, i'm just so used to drawing their designs that it's easy for me, so i default to drawing them. maybe gura can be my new muse. plenty of other vtubers to draw as well.

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:blobcry: the thing I need most Is some female partner to cuddle with and then fuck.

:blobsad: being single is so borrrrringgg. perhaps I could just visit friends soon. IDK. I have no real goal or desire right now. It just feels like I'm floating in emptiness.

My birthdays at the end of the week hopefully I'll have something to post before then but :sweats:

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A lovely girl at the countryside with a lovely green dress, and a little green friend. They match colors!
I think I'll do some more country girls chilling in nature and cottages in the future, hope you don't mind. 🌻

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If you are wondering what's going on with me. I'm currently stuck in between not wanting to use a tablet because I'm out of practice and trying to figure out how to draw hair. I know how to draw hair but to make it exist properly in my style.
and I generally just don't put enough time in art. which I want to improve on, doing it more is the main goal.

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After I finish my faesona, I am going to draw a cartoon secret agent :kim_possible: in my 3.5-head style

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favorite turns on?
1. selfcest / twincest
2. Oc sona
3. kemonomimi
4. petite characters smol good.
5. pawg
6. bikini
7. loose fit clothing
8. voyeurism
9. standard or smaller proportions. (I am actively turn off of hyper stuff.)
10. futa but not futa. I don't mind the idea but I dislike most depictions of it.
11. bathing / generally wet skin it's so shiny and smooth
12. teasing
13. sleeping
14. non-con
15. dilfs
16. masturbation/general horniness

I think that's the main off the top of my head.

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This is what 15 bucks can get y'all come get y'all juice

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