@omundo does it have to be on here? I follow a bunch of good kemoshota artists (and other cub / shota stuff) on twitter

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Gravity Falls Requests!!! 

Gravity Falls Requests!!! 

@2kenoru this and the other parts really remind me of "girls last tour" anime (mainly cause I just watched it) for awesome post-apocalyptic scenery, you might like it if you haven't seen it!

@Raikutaku, Western or weeb? Dipper in the Manotaur cave, or Enta (sarazanmai) getting his butt sucked?

That.... is a tough one. At first thought it would be Luke (pic here from a Tatsumairi doujin)

@k0yangi :sweats: I've been trying to get my thoughts on , and I think he is all boy, except with a new squshy toy down there!
On a scale of 1 to "mallet to the head to knock me out", how awkward was the first conversation with his best friend about "seeing what it feels like"?
*Awkward sweaty experimentation ensues*

Good going, gonna have to add another tic on the Ol' "whyboner" chart!

In the American Old West, "ride 'em Cowboy!" was yelled by friends to encourage the cowboy riding the bucking horse... :tkoh: "ride THE cowboy" is a whole different thing! ๐Ÿ˜ณ :sweats: :blobsweat: haha! Well done after almost a month!

@Xienoan meant to say earlier, but damn, thats hot :sweats: well done lad!

shota agegap 


Marco being humiliated by Jeremy Birnbaum for being middle class AND having a smaller dick than him?

Or, some shota seeing how many socks they can put on different body parts?

Or, cute-ass kid in a wolf suit holding a battle dong in 1 hand and a bucket of candy in the other "I SAID trick or treat, bitch!"


Its all in your imagination (insert spongebob .gif here) anyway, and I KNOW I've imagined weirder. ..... (<. <) ....uhh, more weird (that word looks funny) things in NON sexy time than a lot of hot 2d fap fuel. Just don't go running around talking about that fantasy about getting with Tentacle Princess while Finn and Jake search for treasure in your "dungeon", lol.


Damn, I love those jammies!๐Ÿ’˜ cute bun is cute!

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