"Problematic", is that the new word for "stop liking what I don't like!"?

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@BillyBoy i think it means sexy or something. "Everyone, please stop being (sexy)!"

@anon3000 it's like they are users that like things that give other twitter users (twits?) heart or butt burn, or cause them to be scorned on social media, *gasp*

@BillyBoy i bet its exhilarating making a post slamming some artist you don't know for being a problematic pedophilic terrorist, and to have your post liked and favorited and shared so much that it makes you feel like some kind of celebrity for having denounced them.

and that artist can't do anything about it!


Lol, :shin_chan: , whaaat? People wouldn't do something JUST to look (cool/good/moral/just) in front of other!


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