YouTube just terminated my 11-year-old account even though I had no active strikes and had one strike in my entire YouTube history.

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@Billabo sad to hear.
youtube is currently running mad with power sadly.
them being capricious with users and content creators seems to be just the reality today and other platforms away from silicon valley become more interesting with each day.
any luck with alternatives like bitchute and such?

@shmutz The loss of my videos isn't even that bad; what I miss is my subscriptions feed and preferences. I think I'll create another account, which will be a pain b/c I'll have to log out and in every time, and I'll have to try to remember what channels I was subscribed to. There were some small obscure ones that I won't be able to remember, sadly.

@Billabo yes, this is m biggest worry too. I guess people now have to write em down on paper old school style to keep track of small channels. it's truly absurd
or maybe there's a tool for exporting all the follows and favs but annoying that it comes to this.
either way I hope you find some of em and get to set foot anew, godspeed

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