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Billa and Lily have some fun in a field~

This is a commission I got "free" from Blackmoon as thanks for being a big fanbox supporter! Consider following them on Pixiv and maybe supporting the fanbox too; they draw super cute stuff!

Blackmoon's HicceArs profile:

Blackmoon's Pixiv profile:

Blackmoon's fanbox:

I got this updated with a clothed but not armored version, since I was repeatedly having to say "like this but without the armor, and here's what his shirt looks like..."

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A comm of my Billa and @kei's Sundae skinny dipping I got for us as a birthday present back in January. We both celebrate our birthday on the same day!

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A comm of a bunch of prep dudes nutting on an 11 yrold 🙌

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This is getting a wave of boosts lately, so lemme tag @puppicream for credit since their Twitter got suspended

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Another fanbox sketch by @birdthief, this time of Henri pleasuring himself in a risky place

Henri Brunelle, a character I wrote a descrip for like 6 years ago, finally rendered. Character info in the first pic. Art by @Aogami

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