Camille and Dominique having some fun with Dom's enhanced cock. When your dad's a shady scientist, you get access to some pretty neat stuff!

Art by

Lily, Wilden, and Varen (left to right) fight off a demonic wolf in the woods.

A piece @Aogami finished up for me last night!

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The art telephone is finally complete, so I can post this drawing I did last month! Full art telephone here:

Ok, last iteration of my drawpile Lily drawing, lol. I need to stop myself or I'll waste all night adding little things.

@TiberiusPonificus lol I did a double-take when I saw your name in my notifications, because I have a character named Tibby (in Furry Fantasy XIV) and that name's not very common.

Unsure if the lower interaction is because I didn't tag or if it's because it's SFW from an amateur artist. I'm guessing the latter.

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Lily's redesign with color. Not sure if I want to put her sleeves back or not.

Lily, redesigned outfit. I might color this later tonight, but either way, I commissioned Aogami to draw her in color, so that'll be finished sometime later this month.

I got a Christmas-themed YCH from @Kyder with my OC Dominique LamorΓ© from Furry Fantasy XIV!

Comm of my OC Francis β€” art by @niichan
His mom insisted he go to church naked!

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