Comm of my OC Francis β€” art by @niichan
His mom insisted he go to church naked!

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Buuut, for now, I'll just keep posting the non-con and torture and stuff on this account. Here's the tamest version of this image:

I'm considering making a separate account for the non-con and torture drawings my bf requests... I don't want to drive away the people who prefer my simple nude/cute stuff.

SAI just tried to give me a heart attack! Thankfully, it's just a display bug and I cleared it away by dragging part of the image around. I'm sure reopening it would have cleared it too, but I didn't want to get rid of my edit history.

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Helpin' your newly out little bro with some of your personal stash

YouTube just terminated my 11-year-old account even though I had no active strikes and had one strike in my entire YouTube history.

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Oh, I never did boost the finished, colored comm I got of her from 1=2

Colored version to come for my last boosted toot~

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Commission sketch for Billabo.
Character belongs to the commissioner.

violence & blood. It's a spear stabbing through a girl. 

Lysithea ❀️ I drew her head, then didn't know what pose to draw, and didn't feel like finding a ref of her in combat, and just... ended up with this. :/ I took some liberties with her clothes, of course.

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