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Billa and Lily have some fun in a field~

This is a commission I got "free" from Blackmoon as thanks for being a big fanbox supporter! Consider following them on Pixiv and maybe supporting the fanbox too; they draw super cute stuff!

Blackmoon's HicceArs profile:

Blackmoon's Pixiv profile:

Blackmoon's fanbox:

Art by @niichan !

1st pic: Henri tries to wash off in the river after a bloody battle, but Tenor's excessive thankfulness gets in the way.

2nd pic: The happy-go-lucky unicorn/siren boy Tenor loves to sing and dance, but the siren song makes everyone who hears it irresistibly horny. Tenor doesn't see anything wrong with it, but for some reason, Henri always gives him dirty looks after the orgy is over.

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"Smile for the camera, boy."

Decided to color my warmup sketch coz I liked it too much.

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here's some pone idea doodles I did. idk why. Only like ten years late to that party. I named him Sticker cuz he stick you with him sword.

Since most people follow me for art I've commissioned, from now on I'm going to post my own sketches on @BillaboArt

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Henri rode his unicorn companion roughly, choking him to make it clear who was dominant in bed. He had to show that he was just using the unicorn to get off, not making love.

It was much rougher than Tenor was used to sex being, and he tried to pull his friend's hands off his neck, but his arms felt weak and couldn't budge Henri's lean toned muscles. Soon, his eyes rolled back and his eyelids fluttered, and he felt an orgasm more intense than he ever had before.

Commissioned from @redappleboy

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Ah! I was thinking for the last 45 minutes that he looked familiar, but I couldn't place what from, but I just realized that hair is the same as that boy from Fate: Zero

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I made some brush settings changes, and then somehow drew a decent face

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What happens when you leave those two alone 😌🧸 right boy is my friends oc

Japan, Elon Musk… some other billionaire… someone fund the science to install a microchip in my brain that reads my thoughts and turns my mental image into a digital image. So many things I want to draw, so very little skill and so very little energy/willpower to practice. I did some sketching tonight, but I won’t post it.

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