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Billa and Lily have some fun in a field~

This is a commission I got "free" from Blackmoon as thanks for being a big fanbox supporter! Consider following them on Pixiv and maybe supporting the fanbox too; they draw super cute stuff!

Blackmoon's HicceArs profile:

Blackmoon's Pixiv profile:

Blackmoon's fanbox:

I love this so much, I want to share it cross-platform ❤️ Give them a follow if you use Twitter!
(at first I didn't include the images b/c I didn't want to "steal" the art, but since tweets don't embed, I decided I'd break my usual rule of not reposting art)

It's too bad the embed doesn't work... I don't want to repost the art itself, even if I am giving credit.

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I just realized I never posted this drawing that @tatzelwurm did of my D&D sorcerer Lyune, and neither did he, so here it is! He has some white dragon scales because of his draconic ancestry, and specializes in ice magic.

Before finding himself swept up by adventure, he made a living by performing nude tumbling and acrobatics on the streets, with some flashy magical effects to make it more interesting.

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I was fantasizing about some hypnosis scenarios, and came up with these rules. I'm not gonna use them for anything; they're just for fun, I guess. I usually like gradual hypnosis, tweaking things so the person becomes more and more depraved or whatever without noticing, rather than just "Boop! You're my slave now."

I commissioned @niichan for this cute image series of two brothers trying to sabotage each other in a nudist limbo competition

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If I were to do a shota "choose your own adventure" thing here, what setting would you prefer? No matter the setting, there would be some magic and fantastical beings.

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Eyyaaa, its Friday babbbyyy~

Yesterdays streaming Goodies✨

Tea? anyone? <//u//<;

Coffee GANG!!! AWoO!

☕ > 🍵

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He caught one!
(Quick drawing of the fisher boy from last week) :blobcat:

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Drawn today on stream at

A shepherd boy from the Vysian Empire (part of my own fantasy world).
(Repost because I figured the boy would have quite a bit darker skin tone if he spent his days out in the sun naked)

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