Patreon pic. I guess in this timeline, after a failed ascension attempt, a fan meet-up is turned into a free-for-all with the Crimson Raiders. Good to see her being so friendly with her superfans.

Standard Commission for @dangertap on Twitter. I can not be held responsible for however this character wound up in this situation.

Standard Commission. Neo's misadventures in fucking just about anyone who gets too close to her, continues! For more, check out the client's collection at @FlavouredCream on Twitter.

Standard Commission for @Baconpoof on Twitter~ Summer sure knows how to impress the ladies

Public upload of our first Patreon pic of the year. Ringing it in with a big moo-themed Cora. It only seemed appropriate. Enjoy!

Standard Commission for Jarsti, featuring their Shygal getting some 1UPs by proxy~

Our runner-up from our pre-holiday poll as well~ Astaroth's OC, Γ„sther! Potion-making is a hell of a business these days. Enjoy~


A pic from last month I forgot to upload before my holiday~ We watched Birds of Prey, and inspiration struck. Sometimes it's that simple.

Man, this new high-poly mod for AC is fucking wild. (a pull from the request dump)

Cora pic I drew back in like, spring, and totally forgot to upload! Enjoy!

7.5h commission for SweGabe, featuring the tiny lil' Nimpi~ You gotta admire her spirit!

I don't think that's how you prepare mushrooms, but on the other hand, I'm not that culinarily gifted either.

Winner of our doodle upgrade poll over on Patreon.
Nothing like taking a big dick after a rough week.

3.5h Commission for BurnHazard.
Cora keeps finding herself getting slammed by all sorts of interesting individuals, even a smug fox lad~

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