Bill Cipher gets his revenge (and a new hat)

For @Brang

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@ThrowawayVR @Brang It's a very good show, but not really very lewd

@Bbbhop @Brang I wasn't expecting lewd but thank you for tempering expectations in any case. ;> Very good show sounds like good praise, I'll check it out.

@ThrowawayVR @Bbbhop @Brang It's one of the shows I bought the complete series for. I don't think a single episode is bad (unlike Star vtFoE)

@son_of_the_paladin @Bbbhop @Brang Haven't seen Star either... also haven't seen Loud House, nor Steven Universe, nor Chowder, nor even Gumball. I'm starting to get quite a backlog of children shows that I am interested in checking out due to finding them through erotic artwork lol, need to start actually figuring out which ones to watch.

@ThrowawayVR @son_of_the_paladin @Brang Good thing about gravity falls is that it's actually relatively short, and a planned out story with a proper ending

@Bbbhop @son_of_the_paladin @Brang Oh really? That's a rarity indeed.

I don't really believe things need a proper ending but it's always nice when they have them. :>

@ThrowawayVR @Bbbhop @Brang My preference would be GF, LH, TAWOG, SU, SvtFoE, and then Chowder (I didn't really care for it)

@Bbbhop @Brang for one thing, i though bill would TF her into a new bat, but, hey, close enough <3

@Bbbhop @Brang Mabel's sweaty terror makes her exposed little body even sexier, and her helpless resignation making the anticipation even more delicious. The view of his brutal penetration, her body flailing aimlessly as she cries out is powerfully sexy, plus the delight on the other two Bills makes it even more fun. Thanks for sharing Mabel's overwhelmingly sexy defeat.

(Between this and @TheEvilFairy 's latest GF chapter it's been a bad week for Mabel – but fantastic for us.)

@Bbbhop Wow😍 ... This is amazing!!! hahaha what a creative scene. Mabel in your style looks so cute.
Great work, I love this!!! :yanagiyuu_heart3:
Thank you very much for your consideration. :blobaww:

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