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HELLO GUYS! i know that black bunny boy won but i have forgoten about scannin that draw xD in the mean time i present you all this little teaser of a comic/manga/i dont know what i doing that im doing haha! its a little story i came up with and i hope you guys like it!
this is just a teaser and the full first chapter will be revealed soon~
hope you guys liked it!

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Hi guys! thanks a lot for taking the time to read the problems of this silly boy ~

Here is the link to my ko-fi, in case you wish to help me in this dire times :)

Also my pixiv and my new twitter!

Orly Chavez

Sorry if it looks off I have being drawing with my busted hand.

If boys can be that naughty in the middle of the football field, imagine inside the locker rooms...

been trying to learn this kind of does it look so far?

Rubbing to my sleeping sister. R-18 Continuation (Rubbing to winking pussy, nude, and sunburn) are in my fanbox.

Since all of my last comms have been sfw I haven’t been able to upload much here, so have this cute sketch I did before bed~

Garrett woke up,this morning with a ragging morning wood. Had to take care of it. IwI

Art by @Kazusma

Garrett is mine @HiroKetzio

some Symphony of War fanart cuz it's a fun game and everyone should play it

Winner of this month's character poll: Momoka and Arisu from Idolm@aster!

Those who take part in the communion get access to the .clip and process files.

Swim Day! 水泳の日 🌊🛀

Taishi Koiwai and Kōsuke Kumagaya taking a shower!
I think they're cute like that!💙


I hate how as soon as I turn off the light and get Inside the sheets I get the urge to draw…

Innocent Fun

Both of the OCs belong to the wonderful ColoAss, very lewd in their adult forms but I knew I just gotta do comic (comics?) of their loli and shota forms.



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