Abigail mind control anal sketch!
She's still conscious while her body disobeys her...

Any typo will be blamed on my weak ass fingers. Just saying

So...here is something really stupid that I cleary put much of my time into it and unholy amounts of caffeine. You know those bits in a webcomic where a guy with a "life" t-shirt fucks over the protagonist because is "really funny XD".?Yeah, I though it would be funny do a porn parody of it with a loli. Maybe I did go a little overboard with it, my fingers hurt but I don't regreat anything. :blobdab:

On a second thought, DON'T follow me on twitter. Shit is cray.

Goddess loli Yidh takes the form of a wheelchair ridden beauty to see if people are kind to her. What would YOU do?

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