Vampire hunter boi. I designed 3 of them, this is the middle boi :D

Spooky pokemon trainer boi oc. Also, I opened a patreon. Don't worry, I'll still post everything here, but I am offering some extra perks for people who want to donate :D

pg. 3 and 4. I had the past few days free so I finished them sooner than expected. Not sure how many pages it will be. I'll probably upload other stuff in between pages to switch it up a bit.

pg. 1 and 2. You can ignore the first ever page I made of vampire boi for this comic. Basically was a prototype.

Hex Maniac and Team Skull Grunt. They don't even have any pokemon with them, so I'm not sure what they're planning...

You never know, that cute goth vampire stripper boi you're checking out might be your nerdy little bro...and it's not blood he's after.

When your glistening, bigger, stronger, and much more well-endowed big sister inadvertently slaps you with her cock while working out.

More Pokemon trainer. Not as wholesome as I thought. At least everyone gets a turn.

A pokeboi oc. He's always asking the professor about pokemon cock sizes...not sure why...His pokemon seem to really love him though. So cute and wholesome :D

The strange thing is, no one even said anything. I've drawn him a few times before; he goes by Keiko. He's definitely, absolutely, 100% NOT GAY...GOT IT!

Some pictures Aidan took for his online dating profile. He's too nervous to post them though! Guys don't wanna kiss other they?

My new elf boi Wynn. He's a thief who lives in the outskirts with his older sister. He doesn't quite...measure up to her :p...and he's a little self-conscious about it. I might post her next.

Daisy boi. I have a follow up to this I'm working on...May or may not work, we'll see :p

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