My new elf boi Wynn. He's a thief who lives in the outskirts with his older sister. He doesn't quite...measure up to her :p...and he's a little self-conscious about it. I might post her next.

Daisy boi. I have a follow up to this I'm working on...May or may not work, we'll see :p

Sassy school boi from a pretty old image I made. Studying with the boys instead of spending time with his gf. He's really dedicated to his education :p

He was a little shy about his Samus cosplay. But it all worked out in the end :D

Two sides of Ryo. The sun betrays his true nature :p. If I ever draw another comic, he'll probably be the main focus.

I'm a simple guy. I just want a cute elf boi bride...doesn't even have to be an elf :p

College boi. Look at this nerd, always going to office hours...

I have like 20 to 30 Astolfo drawings I never posted since I didn't like how they turned out. But I finally made one I like :D

I finally did a color version of Strawberry. Takes skill to work three wieners on roller skates :p

Sweater boi. Not sure if anyone remembers him, he's one of the first sweet bois I ever made.

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