A efficient ecosystem, where the tops prepare and the bots procreate. Average cycle is about a day before the victims are let go to after pollination. So about half a day of nice comfy warm hugging from above and the other half of rigorous copulation from below.Bit of an extended doodle. Ended up drawing @SilverFox442 oc Vigil and @manbanras Gwendolyn (cause shes cute).

Part 2. Masturbation Addicted NEET Tatsumaki after getting her brain scrambled by tentacles.

Another random doodle sequence, @manbanras oc.

Has death by licking from a angry yuri mob been done yet?

Prolly do the same cause of my luck with shinys. Was doodling a character, which turned into @SilverFox442 Kasia, which turned into a mini sequence oops.

Sickness finally making its rounds with this weather, so hard to be motivated lol. But gotten over it nowish.

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