Alt Timeline, they actually just fug all day.

"Isn't this game of footies fun! That makes it Thirty-two wins in a row for me!"

That cute Monstergirl from that Berserk thing doing the dirty with her bbf.

Summer Takagi-san.

Big thanks to @badplace with the anatomy for this one.

New offline image for Piczel.

Featuring Oc's from @badplace , @satori (Do want to draw her proper someday), Fraggingfox and Clarus Nox

Comm for Fraggingfox.

Even the Anubis was confused to what this girl was expecting to happen knocking on her sarcophagus.

Foolish adventurer opening the Anubis' Sarcophagus during her slumber with their Harem. Luckily there's room for a few more.

$20 Colored Sketch commissions to Anubify(?) a character, if anyone is interested. Paypal only.

Colored Sketch for SilverFox. The silly noble thought she could go where ever she pleased, only to end up as another addition to the Anubis' harem.

Oh no cute Habbu got caught.

Alt version with a pre corruption thing.

Plus a bonus guest.

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