Part 2. Masturbation Addicted NEET Tatsumaki after getting her brain scrambled by tentacles.

Another random doodle sequence, @manbanras oc.

Has death by licking from a angry yuri mob been done yet?

Prolly do the same cause of my luck with shinys. Was doodling a character, which turned into @SilverFox442 Kasia, which turned into a mini sequence oops.

Sickness finally making its rounds with this weather, so hard to be motivated lol. But gotten over it nowish.

Order: Equip an auto piston device with a dildo attached for 24 hours

(Latest suggestion for the android, leave suggestions below!)

Wholesome-Breadison : Enable 'Domestic Servitude' protocols?

To clarify, I meant princess trainer like game. Shes a blank slate mo clothes no personality, just like a fresh PC. Suggest what to add or try to do with her. She has limitations so she may break.

Fresh Android. Careful with those programs. (Mini silly cyoa princess maker style, gonna pick suggestions and see what happens.)

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