Yes yes! I KNOOOOOW!!! Where's the next Grojband page...I'm yknow...still working on it...anyway let me make a PSA here...The ONLY two to three things I'm working on currently with the very little time I have are 1. Babysitting Cream, 2.Doing Weekly Tuesday's Streams on, and 3. Grojband Fancomic, I'm not making a loud house comic, or a Star VS one (I wanted to, but just don't have the time for it). Anyway this one though is to answer the incessant pestering on what I think on other shows

Looks like there was a compression or something, and people are complaining the text is unreadable. Not a lot of peeps replying but many are messaging me directly re-uploading the page at a bigger resolution, as well as the text message panel to see if it's better...


Here's the other two pages I worked with as well...I hope I can keep making more.

Here's what I was working on the Surprise non-Sanic streams this week. These are part of one of the Story Arcs in Star and the Forces of Corruption Alternate Universe (SatFoC AU)...for those who don't read, that's my AU where Star becomes fully corrupt and decides to subjugate the dimensions and corrupt them in turn. In this story/arc They are hunting Kelly who became the #2 in command of the Resistance after Jackie was captured and "broken" into a Royal Servant.

So a friendly neighborhood anon was posting my stuffs on one of the Star and Stuffs Discord groups I'm in, saying how much he likes Queen Marco in I started streaming and did this, only to realize...THIS IS MY FIRST OFFICIAL PIC OF 2020...god...

OI OI I know I haven't been posting stuffs here...I really should get to posting all the new pages of the Grojband fancomic...yes that is still being worked a bit of a slower pace since I'm also trying to work a lot on that one game everyone knows me for... anyway on the month of September 2019 I posted this PISA (Public Internet Service Announcement) lol PISA...anyway...

Lots o' stuff's been going on, I know I've been neglecting this other part of the peeps who enjoy my stuffs.

For the peep that was saying that I've all but forgotten about the Grojband Fancomic, DOHOHOHO how wrong you are, been trying to finish multiple pages before posting, but you deserve a cookie every once in a while.

Will be Streaming...fair warning ahead, It's going to be a Sanic Stream so there's going to be Sanic dilishus...

Triggeriffic Cub stuff...super triggerific 

Mooo here's the pics posted on Inkbunny for Feb 2019...Lil' Amy in her famous role of Little Red Ridding Hood. :P

Alright after a long and tiresome day at work I can finally return and share the news. My Discord account was nuked / disabled under alleged Violation of ToS...which is kinda bullshit, either a mod with a grudge or a SJW trying to start shit again...anyway, had to make a new one, if you had me on Discord and I was part of your server, please feel free to send me an invite...

Aval0nX_Studios #5038

Lest not forget Queen Star in her casual attire, y'know...totally not a certain original the character steely the person this pic was dedicated, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE 😘

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