Lots o' stuff's been going on, I know I've been neglecting this other part of the peeps who enjoy my stuffs.

For the peep that was saying that I've all but forgotten about the Grojband Fancomic, DOHOHOHO how wrong you are, been trying to finish multiple pages before posting, but you deserve a cookie every once in a while.

Will be Streaming...fair warning ahead, It's going to be a Sanic Stream so there's going to be Sanic dilishus...


Triggeriffic Cub stuff...super triggerific 

Alright after a long and tiresome day at work I can finally return and share the news. My Discord account was nuked / disabled under alleged Violation of ToS...which is kinda bullshit, either a mod with a grudge or a SJW trying to start shit again...anyway, had to make a new one, if you had me on Discord and I was part of your server, please feel free to send me an invite...

Aval0nX_Studios #5038

Lest not forget Queen Star in her casual attire, y'know...totally not a certain original the character steely donuts...to the person this pic was dedicated, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE 😘

Alright! here's Janna from my "Star and the Forces of Corruption" AU as well as her bio...

almost done prepping the pics for posting...jeez gime a sec people! :blobupset:

lol make Cenobites blush...I still chortle with that line πŸ˜‚

The exact moment she becomes corrupt...jesus Jookbox why is your coloring so glorious. 😭

This was the original first page of the comic, dayum...I forgot this existed... :blobaww:

As for the actual sissyfication of Marco...well...😩 πŸ‘Œ

Here's the original pages I did back in the day around Season 2 I think (when Star's wand was borked) ...anyway, this was me messing around with the Jarcofags and their endless triggering...who would've fucking thought Nefcy played them like a damn fiddle πŸ˜‚ oh the hilarity. Anyway, the concept was that Star becomes fully Corrupt and decides to conquer the dimensions, she sissified Marco and turned him into Queen Marco and is confronted by Jackie and the Resistance...more on them later...

OH RIGHT! almost forgot, here's the original cover for Star and the Forces of Corruption "cover" done by me and the masterful Jookboox


I miss your godly coloring buddy, give a ring sometime! 😘


patience my little grasshoppers...

here's a gift I did for good ol' Ky0suke


seriously he's giving the fine folk over at Japan a taste of translated western goodness...lol how the tables have turned...

basically Ky0suke is doing the Japanese Kama Sutra but with Star VS done by different artists...It's pretty awesome...

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