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Quick nude filter edit of the Bon Clay / Nami scene from "One Piece - Movie 08 (2007) Adventures in Alabasta."

Full res video with JAP audio:
Full res video with ENG audio:
Full res WEBM loop:

Thought it would be a nice idea to do a nude filter edit of a scene from Kami Datta Kemono-tachi E (To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts) episode 12.

English audio without areola outlines:
Japanese audio without areola outlines:
English audio with areola outlines:
Japanese audio with areola outlines:

I wanted to remake a very old edit someone did of a scene from Gravion Choujuushin Zwei episode 3. Since it's not 2011 anymore, I thought it would be nice for it to be in HD WEBM form instead of a low res GIF.
Version 1:
Version 2 (with milk duct):


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