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I write stories with polls, read along and post what you think should happen! I have a few ongoing stories:

Your New Family

Sam and Alma Mess with Things

Older short stories with (complete)

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Steven and Connie spending some time together before Space Camp.

She winces and replies “Yeah, and I gave you the potion. I’m going to be in the doghouse for this one, I assure you.”

You and your girlfriends quickly put on the minimal amount of clothes required to leave the house and quickly climb into the car. Your little girlfriend’s breathing slowly starts to pick up.

Your big girlfriend comforts her daughter. “Everything’s going to be fine, we’ve just got to see the doctor...”

As you start the car, your little girlfriend asks “Is... is my baby coming?”

You hear her talking to who you assume is the family doctor. Confirmed as she pulls the phone away from her ear as the doctor’s voice screams out “You did WHAT?!?”

After a couple more minutes, she hangs up and tells you “We need to take her to the clinic right now.”

“Of course!” You say, nodding firmly.

The bored sounding girl’s mother approaches you and says “You both go, I’ll stay here and clean things up for you.”

You muster up a grin and ask her, “Your mother is the doctor, right?”

“Oh shit...” You say, looking up to your girlfriend’s faces. Your little girlfriend looks confused, and so does your big girlfriend until she realises what just happened.

She looks to you, asking in a shocked tone. “Did her water just break?!?”

“I think so...” You say, the room suddenly becoming quiet.

“FUCK!” She exclaims, getting up and running to grab her phone. “Fuck, fuck, fuck...” Turning to you, “Get your goddamn hand out of her!” You comply as she continues to swear as she dials.

Her mother, who has just recovered from a massive orgasm of her own, crawls over and drops herself between the horny teen and her daughter, and hugs her tightly.

“Okay baby, it’s official. You’re the horniest.” She says, rubbing a hand over her baby belly and the lump at the bottom, caused by your still imbedded hand.

“I know Mama...” She replies softly with a grin, before frowning. “Hm, wazzat?”

She looks down and wiggles her hips, then suddenly water gushes out from her around your hand.

The little girl riding your cock speeds up to get you off, and as you’re about to cum, you use your free hand to push her shoulder down, forcing yourself as deep as you can go inside her. She squeals as you fire wave after wave of your spunk deep inside her.

Your little girlfriend’s hips twitch as her orgasm subsides, her expression suddenly vacant as drool runs out of her open mouth. “Ah~ I’m done...” She eventually mutters. “Thank you...”

She gives you a warm smile, which you gladly return.

“FUCK, Yes, that’s it! HARDER!” Your little girlfriend squeals at you, tears streaming down her face as the potion turns pain to pleasure.

You twist and thrust harder than you ever would dare as her moans build in pitch until she practically seems on the edge again.

As your final move, you pull your fist completely free of her, and before her cunt can close up, you ram it back in, instantly stretching her from nothing to maximum.

“AiiiiEEEEE!” She squeals as the promised orgasm hits her.

Your little girlfriend between her moans, looks towards your and the 4yo riding you, and whines, “No... he’s mine... And Mama’s... and baby’s... You can’t have hiiIIIIMMMM!” She exclaims as another orgasm hits her.

You slow down your thrusts as she recovers, then she barks at you, “Keep going! One more! Give me one last big one!”

You redouble you’re efforts, practically pulling your hand free of the preteen cunt before thrusting hard back in harder than before.

The horny teen and tattooed girl seem to be competing to see who can add extra moans onto your little girlfriend between your thrusts, and after a few more seconds, the short teens’ daughter comes over to you, looks at your rock hard cock, and then grabs onto your shoulder, and lowers herself down onto it.

You gasp “Oh fuck, that’s tight!” As she sits down hard, crying out as she tries her hardest to fit all of you in this time.

Your little girlfriend moans “NNNNH, Aaah! Yes, again!”

You repeat the motion a couple more times, telling her “Are you sure? It feels like I’m punching your baby...”

She thrusts her hips as she whines “I’m sorry baby, Mama’s too horny...” Looking to you, she insists “Keep going!”

By this point, the whole room has turned into one big orgy, with what you’re doing at the center. Your bigger girlfriend fighting off a massive orgasm with a girl attempting to slide a third hand inside her.

The room is filled with equal parts cheering and gasps of disbelief. You are part of the latter group as your little girlfriend recovers slightly, then grins at you with tears welling in her eyes. “You did it! You did it, and I came when you did... I’m so happy!”

She sees your shocked stare and eggs you on. “Go on, keep going! Everything that hurts feels good even more!”

You shake your head slightly, then return to the task at hand, pulling back slightly, then thrusting back inwards.

She gasps and grins at you as you do this. “Yes! Make a fist so you can put the rest in!”

The room cheers, and your big girlfriend whines “Oh baby, I’m sorry I made you too naughty...”

You fold your fingers up, making a fist inside the girl. As you do, you force the rest of your hand inside her, leaving her cunt tightly wrapped around your wrist, and your knuckles pressed firmly against her cervix.

She convulses, squealing her way through a massive orgasm.

You shove inward, your hand sliding inside, past the widest point, your fingers pressing firmly against her cervix.

“EEEEEEE!” Your little girlfriend squeaks, her hips bucking wildly. “SOOO... GOOD!” She whines through gritted teeth. “It hurts SO GOOD!”

You feel the moisture inside of her increase slightly, you shrug, thinking the potion must be doing it’s job. “Well, I’m not going to get much further like this, you ready?” You ask, flexing your fingers inside her.

“If you insist...” You say, tucking your thumb in and pressing inwards, her pussy lips wrapped tightly around the widest part of your hand.

Your little girlfriend strains against you, half squealing, half whining. “NNNEEEEHhh... Ah! Oh, what’s happening?” She suddenly gasps, bucking her hips wildly all of a sudden.

The horny teen and tattooed girl hold her steady, as the bored sounding girl’s mother comes up and says to you “Looks like my potion is taking effect, go for it!”

You press 4 fingers up against your little girlfriend’s pussy and the crowd coos as they easily slide inside. She winces slightly, but the smile never leaves her face.

You press inwards, twisting your hand as you reach the slightest resistance and pull out slightly, before pressing in again. The crowd seems genuinely surprised at the ease at which you’re able to do this

Your little girlfriend grunts slightly, then goads you on. “Go on, put your thumb in, you can’t do it properly until you do!”

You kneel down in front of her, and squirt a generous portion inside, then start coating your hand. Your little girlfriend looks to you excitedly. “Finally, my boyfriend is gonna do it! I’ve waited so long!”

Your bigger girlfriend whines, “Yesss, I have too...” She turns to the crowd. “Give me a hand here...” a couple of people chuckle, and soon several pairs of lips are caressing her sensitive parts. “Unf, I’m gonna cum so hard watching this...”

You smile as you line up your hand

Both of your girlfriends grin as the room voices it’s approval, and the little one snatches the bottle from you, quickly downing the whole thing.

Her mother laughs. “Easy there... there’s no rush...”

As the girl finishes the bottle, she sets it aside and says to her mother, “I’ve used it all now, so we gotta do it or it’s a waste!”

Your bigger girlfriend sighs at her girl “Baby, nobody wants to see this more than me. I’m creaming myself just thinking of it...” She says, handing you some lube.

You don’t quite hear what the room is talking about, as they are all using different words to refer to what you assume is the same thing.

As you look around the room for guidance, you see the bored sounding girl’s mother smiling at you, and as you make eye contact, she nods towards the presents.

You dig to the bottom of the pile, and as you pull out the bottle of purple liquid, the room cheers, filled with exclamations like “Yes, they have one!” “Alriight!” and “Oh, that’s the good stuff too!”

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rather extreme x commission for ~anon~

thank you so much!

btw I reopened commissions, dm me or check my poizen if you want yours c;
(only 5 slots this month tho)

The murmurs in the room increase, you look to your bigger girlfriend, and she is busy mauling her own pussy. She looks to you briefly, and says “I wanna see that.”

“Yeah. But is it a good idea?”

“No...” She moans. “The baby’s taking all her internal space... But still...”

Your little girlfriend looks to you, seemingly getting upset that you may turn her down. “...But I promised! I wanna do it before the baby!”

The opinion of the room grows, with the loudest voices saying,

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