Thanks to some digital archaeology by @beefalo we got our hands on a rare Powerpuff Girls promo site for Persil Detergent. I'd love to know the further context behind this.

Funnily enough, it looks like they simply modified some existing control art to create the art for the PPGs here.

Just for the sake of testing, I did a small revision of the art using much of the same tools, just slightly different. Personal preference.

@ArcRoyale Hello? Will you still be writing stories sometime?

@ArcRoyale Yeah, I just saw the trademark thing on the side. Cartoon Network and AOL Time Warner company. This is a great find!

@ArcRoyale @beefalo
Well we've found it with a member of my ppg community after years of searching.
The bad news are that we can't find the flash version which was amazing.

@bubstar @beefalo I just uploaded a flash game related to the promo to the Internet Archive. Hopefully that should clear up some of the mystery.

In case you didn't want to play the game yourself, here's the part of note.

@ArcRoyale @beefalo

Haha I was forget that one.
Hope some day the flash wallpaper with the three naked powerpuffs and Mojo who stolled their clothes will be found too. :)

@ArcRoyale @beefalo Meanwhile back in the day when fun things could still happen without someone losing their shit and cancel culture.

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