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I will support Baraag's right to exist until the day worms crawl through my flesh.

I have never met anyone (let alone a site administrator with the weight of managing 200,000+ people) with the level of integrity that our admin has displayed to me and others, defending his passions and the rights of those who utilize their freedom as artists to express themselves in safe and fictional environments; often in the face of overzealous activists and often malicious actors.

Thank you always, Koi.

I won't be doing the whole movie, just the Creation scene.

As for why they don't have privates, PG rating.

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Old art of the kids as involuntary streakers. Thanks, @xierra099 for the art!

The first four Judy strips, while I was trying to work out how I wanted the character to operate.

Just for the sake of testing, I did a small revision of the art using much of the same tools, just slightly different. Personal preference.

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Funnily enough, it looks like they simply modified some existing control art to create the art for the PPGs here.

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Thanks to some digital archaeology by @beefalo we got our hands on a rare Powerpuff Girls promo site for Persil Detergent. I'd love to know the further context behind this.

This art in particular, I'm sure will be missed.

Show is The Powerpuff Girls, episode is "Slave The Day".

I miss the 90's...

Show is Animaniacs (G'night, everybody!) episode "Guardin' the Garden". I don't feature this on my blog because the show already plays fast and loose with censorship.

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@ArcRoyale I will say, I think this is one of my best. And honestly I even prefer the swimsuit version XD

I saw some people putting their art from a certain artist up more often, so I'm going to add mine to the pile.

Also uncensored, because it's been long enough. Thanks, @xierra099 for the art!

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If you're in the shower and you're getting scalded by hot water when someone turns on an appliance, or if someone runs cold water and it gets to you instead of them, you might have a problem with your plumbing. In general, plumbing malfunctions can be the result of damaged water lines, or any number of odd errors. You may be able to fix them yourself, or you can use a mechanic's assistance to help. Tina happens to be a mechanic, so...

If you do everything right, failure does not have to be so scary. Have a little fun in your life! Be creative! Be adventurous! And if you've taught your students or kids well, they'll learn to cherish everything that was, not worry about what could have been.

Since we've seen them like this several times now, it's probably silly to leave this as a mere donation bonus.

So yeah, old art by @xierra099

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