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[Fanbox promo] Get AirNation Today zine today on my fanbox!!! With in-depth and comprehensive "interview" with fan favourite Jinora!

Rest of the preview is on pixiv

Starting writestream for an hour or so. Last time, I finished a story! Will I this time? No, no I will not. I can almost guarantee it. But you're welcome to tune in anyway. Might contain and underage or or and other extreme content (including bg art on stream).

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Looks like ASSTR is back up, so, crisis averted? I'll still consider the other backup options but for now my incest and loli/central stories (and a few rare ones that don't fit into either category) can be found once again at

Looks like, for my existing work at least, you can go to but that's a fan-run mirror and so not something I can use as a permanent base. Luckily though I'm nowhere near finishing anything so yay!

Anyway, to answer a question I've been getting a few times. I don't know if ASSTR is down for good. If it is, I don't really know where I'll go post my stuff. Probably Pixiv, although it's a bit of a pain to post stuff there. But there aren't a lot of other sites that allow my kind of writing. I'm open to recommendations. But even so migrating stuff will be a slow process, sorry, so I'm going to hold onto hope that ASSTR reappears a little longer.

Sorry for people who've sent me messages IDK why but I never actually get notifications about such messages, I only discover them if I manually click on the (blank) notifications tab which I don't do very often.

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Wednesday Addams
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Starting writestream. Will I get major progress done? Will I stare at my words for an hour? We'll see! Might contain and underage or or and other extreme content (including bg art on stream).

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My love letter to , iCity Tales, is now complete and up at
It's a set of interconnected tales all taking place in the same near-future city (different stories have different tags but in general and are well represented).

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Ok' let's get this party started.
Eventually I'm gonna upload EVERY pic I've made here, but for now, I'm starting with Lovin'Sis


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