Experimenting stylizing my characters again. I want to include the eyes I typically do in my sketchies and inklings but in a cute way. I think I like it. I just gotta work up this style!

Emergency Commissions.

I need 190 USD in order to maintain my access to the web as that's the only way I can conduct business atm. Until the 20th, all final costs will be discounted by 15%.

Details: littleamychan.wixsite.com/amyy


*NEW one shot PORNYCON 2019, Waifus Pack # 2 and drawing packages from previous months are on sale at Gumroad: gumroad.com/thedarkmangaka

It's been a while, but it's time for page 6 of Ritual Release to go public!! And that means, you guessed it, nude TT girls! Plus Raven gets to enjoy first climax of many to come😈

To see the pages before they go public, consider supporting us on Patreon!


Page 166

A nice way to end a shit night.

I've come to understand why so many movies use "confronting your loud neighbors" as the first empowering move of a character XD

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