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Completed on 2019/11/09.
Rosabel might be the more confident of the two, but Floetta is definitely the top of the pair 😋

"Incorrect Addams Family Quotes R-18 edition"

Pugsly: Wednesday, where'd you hide my--

Wednesday: Piss off. I'm busy.

Pugly: What--

Wednesday: Playing with Sodom. You will be too if you don't fuck off.

Completed 2019/09/2019
I hope those of you who attended the stream yesterday enjoyed it! I've been considering streaming whenever I can do it. I do hope more people will attend at I've been doing more portrait practice as of late. Lenore is special to me. I fell in love with her along with foamy pretty late in her existence but she has inspired my work since. As you can probably tell, there's alot she has in common with Amy McCreepy.

Completed on 2019/09/16.

I've never been happy with anything I've done of Anna or of Madotsuki to date. Tho I think this may be it. I'm not sure of the background but I welcome comments over it.

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