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I wanna draw Toxlle but I haven't been happy with her since drawing her with Rosa

>Is fucking sleepy as hell
>Goes to take a nap
> Everyone comes home and comes in and out of my bedroom.

Well fuck me then.



But seriously. Well played. I had fun.

I'm way too busy to actually spend time finetuning each placement, so it's not 100% accurate.
Still fun though.

I am sooo behind on this art raffle thing that I feel like I've let everyone down... I'm soo sorry.

The winner of the art raffle is.......


Congratulations! GGs to everyone that entered! PM me for a doodle com!

The art raffle has concluded. I will draw the winner tonight!

I almost forgot about the art raffle. Sorry guys. Its still goin on til the end of today.

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