Jimmy Neutron Series p2.

The Neutron gang is a curious bunch, always makes for a good time though!

P.S. These designs are by @/kianamai on twitter if you want to checkout their work. really cute stuff, its sfw though

RAW C.529 Dino-LVL-Watersports!
Commissioned by Sirius16

Damn, Aaron and Bammer sure pissed off (and into) each other quickly D: xD

Characters from The Mitchells vs. The Machines / The Flintstones;

C.530 I Cream'd Your Childhood
Commissioned by YellowMage

to paraphrase Mr. Turner:
If I had to develope a muscle fixation 'cuz of your shows, so do you :V

Characters from The Fairly OddParents;

A Sitch in Time
(Sketch commissioned initially by @/alterthyself on Twitter but liked it so much that i finished it on my side)

tim_possible jim_possible

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