Huh... Should I draw myself an icon, or play Apex?... Decisions, decisions.

I'm back from work and ready to draw some cute, sexy lo-

Oh god everything hurts too much shoveling fuck

It's 12;30 am, but I am honestly kinda feeling like having a taco.

Bleh, I gotta redownload Destiny 2 to play it on Steam. But now I can indoctrinate my friends to play it! Yeeees...

OK KO is over now... I'm... I'm sad πŸ™

Oh well... It was fun while it lasted and we can still remember it with tons and tons of Fink porn.

So I'm in a really difficult spot right now... I'm kind of running out of options. Please give this a look or boost if you are so inclined!

I saw the Steven Universe movie... And I thought it was fun!

Definitely a rehash on things we've already seen, it doesn't further anything, but I still had fun with the songs and action.

And Spinel looks like an absolute sex FIEND. You take her in the bedroom and she'll show you what those stretchy powers can do.

Very cute as usual and I quite like the collage nature of the pic!

Speaking of taking awhile to make, I'm still drawing that one girl and her dog... I forgot how much detail Granblue Fantasy characters have... Regardless, always happy to see more stuff from you!

The hole like insertions in the breasts are super interesting. I also quite like the contrast between her red hair and dark skin, such a fantastic visual. And those tiny eyebrows are so neat!

So Ex Hentai is gone now? Fuck, I shoulda made an account on it so much sooner. I get the feeling like I just missed out on a ton of stuff...

The final Splatfest is upon us... I've only had Splatoon 2 for a few months, really wish I'd bought it and the Switch on launch or a year back. But still, it's been fun.

Also, those new outfits on Pearl and Marina; HOT DAMN!!

Positioning feels a little weird, but I quite like the colors and skin shading. It might be obligatory, but I hope you get the chance to draw more Pokemon, I'd be excited to see what you come up with!

Nintendo revealed another Pokemon girl. I can't wait for 300 pictures of porn to be made of her in... Approximately 12 hours.

No, seriously. I can't wait, cuz she's fuckin hot!

Making macaroni while watching Nintendo's E3. It's a nice day today!

Ahh, it's that time of the year when tons of new hentai doujins are released! It's like the Christmas of porn!

If you've seen how terrible 90s hentai was, I highly recommend watching these two dudes talk about it.

When I saw this video was released, I absolutely dropped everything. Including my pants. :blobcool:

I just saw Into the Spiderverse! Well... Time to go look up a shit ton of Peni Parker porn!

Love that slight curve near her cute little rear. I guess she's decided to go commando and that face tells me that she picked the wrong skirt for this day. πŸ˜‚

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