what do you think? is this all in my head, or did someone copy my work, sorta?
i don't mean to ask with bad intend, i don't know this person and i want them to be able to draw upon other artist's visions, including mine. i just want to check my sanity is all XD
here a link to his work: pixiv.net/en/artworks/99067701
which apparently is also a larger series of scenes, which i have not seen, cuz i'd have to pay 500¥ for their fanbox
and here is the first scene in my series: pixiv.net/en/artworks/91508522

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so i stumbled upon this one work (left) by an upcoming loli 3d artist and it made me think a lot of one of my main series i did (right).
the assets are all free to obtain, but still looks like someone really got inspired or something - or is this just in my head?
the location, the position of the characters, the male person's clothes, hell even the concept itself, all on their own could be a coincidence, but all of them true at once suggest more than that. :o

this user on pixiv is stealing other peoples works (including mine) and making money off them via fanbox. please everyone mass report that user.

a comment i got on pixiv.net/en/artworks/93182742
i'll delete it, because why bother, but here a list of some replies i wanted to do first:

- "you must be new here?"

- "you should see my OTHER works"

- "i know, it's awesome, right?? :D"

- "agreed, unsolicited negative replies on something you could easily close and not click on again, is so disgusting. why interfere with something others enjoy and do you know harm and keep your negativity for yourself, asshat?"

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