Someone pointed out that her hand was backwards and it was bugging me, so I fixed it

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Someone's been naughty this year... Saya has a present for you, but she didn't do a very good job wrapping it. Can you tell what's inside? 🎁

Happy holidays, and here's to another loli-filled year!

This is the ideal female form. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

Gura was cute with her goose lamp πŸ¦†

Destress doodle after a rough day

Animation test! I feel like I need to add some more movement to the hair.

Thinking about making the dungeon sections pixel art style. I've never done pixel art before though so I don't really know what I'm doing :blobowo:

Did some practice with Sayu today. Left is a trace of a game screenshot, and right is my attempt to reproduce it freehand

Still gotta do some work on the ears but the lineart is coming along

Working on dungeon movement. In the prototype, the environment stayed completely static so I had to make the area fit within the bounds of the screen, but now it will scroll if Aiden gets too close to the edge of the screen. Though, this is making me realize that I need to put some more thought into the scale of the sprites, because this feels way too zoomed out.

Did some surgery on Aiden tonight. Felt like his torso was a little too tall, so had to shorten that up and redraw the arms. Also took out some of the chest definition to make him a little more shota-ish.

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