Still gotta do some work on the ears but the lineart is coming along

Working on dungeon movement. In the prototype, the environment stayed completely static so I had to make the area fit within the bounds of the screen, but now it will scroll if Aiden gets too close to the edge of the screen. Though, this is making me realize that I need to put some more thought into the scale of the sprites, because this feels way too zoomed out.

Did some surgery on Aiden tonight. Felt like his torso was a little too tall, so had to shorten that up and redraw the arms. Also took out some of the chest definition to make him a little more shota-ish.

new ←→ old

Rough little sketch, just wanted to draw a genki girl in a leotard

Meet Me In The Dungeon Prototype Version!

For almost a year now I've been working on an original nsfw loli visual novel, and I've finally made a sort of proof of concept of what I'm trying to make. It's only somewhere around 10% of what I intend the final game to be and isn't representative of final quality, but if anyone's interested in checking it out you can download the build from the link below.

After a long day of negotiations and diplomacy, Joachim and Noelle are totally drained when they get back to their hotel room. Joachim uncharacteristically offers to massage Noelle's aching feet and she takes him up on it, but before too long she finds herself wanting a more full-body massage.

Joachim: Is she getting turned on...?
Noelle: I hope he can't tell I'm getting wet...

(Unfinished WIP)

Ashley tied up with nowhere to go except onto the dick in front of her. She wouldn't have it any other way.

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