Her name is Kai, which can either mean shellfish (like a crab) or ocean! I also designed her hair to be kind of like crab claws. This was my first time doing an actual reference sheet like this, so that was a challenge.

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Hi! I wanted to rebrand my account a bit, so going forward I'll be going by crabcakes. :blobowo: To commemorate the name change I decided to design a new mascot character and drew a picture with her!

Someone pointed out that her hand was backwards and it was bugging me, so I fixed it

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Someone's been naughty this year... Saya has a present for you, but she didn't do a very good job wrapping it. Can you tell what's inside? 🎁

Happy holidays, and here's to another loli-filled year!

This is the ideal female form. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

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