If you're considering following an artist and their timeline has a lot of RTs/boosts of other artists' work, does that affect your decision to follow them? And if so, how?

@AgeOfDissent wayy less likley, boosts have a habit of clogging up the timeline to the point where i can't see all the art form the people i want to see

@EscBoy This is basically how I feel. I try not to boost too much art because I know I don't like it from other people, but I was curious if that's a common mindset or if I'm just an outlier.

@AgeOfDissent personally i'd rather the admin fix it so the timeline is longer, but idk if that's possible or feasible, so i prefer low levels of boosting

@AgeOfDissent If I have to really dig through others' art to find the actual artist, then less likely. I usually turn off RTs though. But RTs within reason, I like seeing what inspires the artists I like.

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