Was watching a video on the rave scene in VRChat and was thinking it would be cool to have some kind of community for lolicons to hang out. I don't really know what that would look like though because I'm an unsocial hermit. Obviously we have an appreciation of lolis that ties us together, but that doesn't feel like enough to build a community on, unless maybe there was a big focus on creators.

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It would be a little tricky since the TOS prohibits explicit content, but if you kept the world private and gated access you could probably get away with it. I'd really like it if there were more spaces that supported individual creators on the English side of things like how Japan has doujin events where creators can find an audience, but that would take a lot of work to set up.

@AgeOfDissent It's one of those things that sounds really interesting, but in practice sounds like it could lead to a nightmare unfortunately. In my experience, a community just based on appreciation of kodocon works ends up attracting all sorts of unsavory types (creeps, white supremacists, wacko nutjob conspiracy theorists, people with no boundaries) unless extremely heavily moderated and even then, conversations/social interactions seem pretty one note unfortunately.

@Secret_Hex Yeah, that probably is true, huh... It's just a shame that with most other communities it's hard to tell whether they're loli friendly until you take the risk of putting it out there, and many are more than happy to cut us out to make themselves more widely palatable. πŸ˜” It's kind of a pipe dream anyway since I'm not super social anyway lol. I like my small Discord even if it's pretty slow, and I appreciate having you around! Hopefully it's not too boring haha

@AgeOfDissent Oh I didn't mean to come down on your idea btw, I think its possible, just that it likely need a lot of effort to keep from it from turning sour. It could definitely work, I would just warn it might not be worth the effort/drama if you aren't currently equipped to handle it haha.

As an aside, i've actually found a lot of people that if they themselves aren't into loli, are friendly with lolisho artists, via some of the mutual discords we've been on haha (like Fanexus) 1/2

@AgeOfDissent I think more what you are noticing is that, because a lot of people rely on Discord (because of its ease of use, voice features, methods for filtering out shitty people), communities like that are caught between having to abiding the Discord TOS or risk losing an important social and safe space for a lot of people. This of course leads to kodocon artists in these spaces having to basically "feel out" potential friends in these sort of spaces. 2/2

@Secret_Hex It's not only Discord, but Twitter and basically every other major platform too. It's nice to hear that you've found lolisho allies (so to speak) among non-kodocons, though. I kind of suspected that was the case, but some people I interact with get really doom-and-gloom-y about what I assume is the vocal minority of antis and it's kind of changed my perception a bit. I still have hopes for Fanexus but the recent stagnation has me concerned.

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