Meet Me In The Dungeon Prototype Version!

For almost a year now I've been working on an original nsfw loli visual novel, and I've finally made a sort of proof of concept of what I'm trying to make. It's only somewhere around 10% of what I intend the final game to be and isn't representative of final quality, but if anyone's interested in checking it out you can download the build from the link below.

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Some notes:

- Everything was made by me (story, art, music, programming), with the exception of the Ren'py engine itself, the sound effects, and a couple placeholder images in the dungeon section.
- Nothing is final! Pretty much everything is subject to change at this point. The backgrounds in particular are very rough, just to give an idea of what the area is supposed to look like.
- PC only for now as I have no way to test Mac/Linux.

Feedback is appreciated, but please be considerate. I'm just one person doing this on my free time and I'm mostly making it for myself.

@AgeOfDissent this art is actually really good. I'm glad your making lots of progress. I'll definitely put it on my list to play

@AgeOfDissent *screams* YUZU JUICE! YUZU JUICE!

Also the music is a fucking bop :blobaww:

@Secret_Hex AHHHHH HEX THANK YOU!!!! I worked hard on the music so I'm glad you liked it :blobcatsadreach:

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