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OC designs for a story I'm working on!

Aiden, the curious swordsman!

Ashley, the shy witch!

Emma, the disarming thief!

Yuzu, the innkeeper!

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When home alone, Saya will sometimes lie around in revealing poses and fantasize about someone making a move on her

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Siren and Nadine having some summertime fun

Sorry for the non-loli content, just had an idea and ran with it

Just had an idea for a redesign of Aiden's coat that gives it a little fox tail in the back

Been doing Figuary (figure drawing month) and I felt like today's came out pretty decent. The video had varying lengths of poses but I took 5 mins for each of these because I'm still trying to figure out wtf I'm even doing

some more practicve on ~~humans~~ , this time it's a vtuber i recently found called lily hopkins

This shot from the Demon Slayer movie trailer is so horny. The look in her eyes, the way her hair is splayed out on the snow... This is the face of a girl who's about to lose her virginity at age 10.

Figure drawing has been a thorn in my side ever since I started trying to draw, so I'd really like to get it down at some point since it seems really important to understanding the human form.

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Decided to try my hand at again, after attempting it the first time and giving up partway through. Coincidentally, this week she revisited the very first video to see if she's grown at all, which let me compare my own skills as well. I still have a long, long way to go, but I feel like there's a definite improvement here, especially when I switched to using a more structured skeleton. Maybe I'll give it another shot next week.

Someone remind me how to draw my own characters

Worked on her a little more. Still pretty rough since I mostly did this on one layer, but I'll probably call this done.

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Fuck, new Pokemon Snap trailer dropped and I'm going feral for her

A high-class, twelve-year-old courtesan who offers to take her best friend's virginity for his birthday. Her body is technically the property of her agency, but she decides to break the rules and let him spend a night with her anyway.

I wish there were wester live action incest porn that was, like, actually good

Rough dialog portraits for Aiden, experimenting with different facial expressions. Still haven't finished sketching out the clothes, but this is the basic pose I think I'm gonna go for. I might try to make rough portraits for everyone first so I can throw them into Ren'Py and see how they look before I commit to fully coloring them.

I hate that when I look for male body references I just get a bunch of muscly bodybuilders. Where are the shota bodies???

I finally got my own Cintiq today! Up until now I was just borrowing my partner's iPad, so I'm excited to be able to draw whenever I want!

It's not particularly ambitious, but here's a Saya I doodled as I was trying it out.

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