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OC designs for a story I'm working on!

Aiden, the curious swordsman!

Ashley, the shy witch!

Emma, the disarming thief!

Yuzu, the innkeeper!

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When home alone, Saya will sometimes lie around in revealing poses and fantasize about someone making a move on her

Was listening to a podcast that played a "family friendly" version of fuck marry kill that they changed to be "kiss marry kill". Kind of messed up that it's more acceptable to talk about killing someone than having consensual sex with them. Not that this is a new revelation or anything, just made me think

My mobile Mastodon app (Fedilab) has started saying there are a bunch of unread messages on my timeline even when it's only like two. Kind of annoying

Just found out about a new site that allows loli and all other sorts of problematic content. It's on a platform called Misskey, which is similar to Mastodon but has some neat features, like a 5,000 character post limit, up to 16 images per post, and being able to react to posts with emoji. I'm not leaving baraag or anything, but I'm having fun trying it out. Check it out if you're interested:

Oh wait, if you migrate an account you can keep your followers. Hmm...

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Kinda wanna rebrand my account to a cuter name, but it seems like there's no way to change your name on Mastodon without creating a new account πŸ˜•

Some of my favorite loli traits:

- Age 10-12
- Completely flat-chested
- Small butt
- Mature for her age (tsukkomi types work well for this)
- Self-conscious, either about her age or her chest. Always pulls at my heartstrings if they want to be treated as an adult or be seen as attractive but don't get respected by the other characters
- Has a crush on an older boy, especially if it's her big brother
- Curious about sex but gets flustered when it's brought up
- Book smart
- Cute feet
- Glasses

412 words written today, which is more than most days (when I sit down to write I try to do at least 200 at a time). I feel like I'm really slow compared to other writers, but whatever. This is the pace I'm comfortable at without burning myself out. Some progress is better than none, right?

"I worked hard today, I deserve a day off from working on the VN."

The next day:
"I worked hard today, I deserve a day off from working on the VN."

The next day:
"I worked hard today, I des--

Or maybe I'd get so horny for her that I finally break down and start trying to see if I could groom her into letting me fuck her, but she already knows exactly what I'm talking about and was just waiting for me to ask πŸ₯°

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It's fun to imagine her getting all flustered and shy sensing my attraction to her but not really understanding. She'd get so curious that she'd end up asking about it and want to try having sex, and be totally overwhelmed by the newness of the experience combined with feeling my lust both physically and mentally 🀀

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I should watch more Spy x Family. Telepathic lolis are a kink I haven't seen explored too much (can't think of another off the top of my head besides Satori from Touhou) but I think it has a lot of potential to be really hot.

I've always liked the idea of casual sex (either with a friend or a stranger), but for some reason I've never really acted on it. Even when I was living by myself it was hard to get over the social stigma and actually look for partners, and when I did work up the courage to try the reactions were...not positive. I don't feel like it's that weird of a thing to want, but practically no one I know seems to share that opinion. Makes me feel lonely sometimes πŸ˜•

My excuse for not being active on here is that I've been trying to channel my horniness into writing my visual novel instead (as if I haven't been cumming to loli porn every day anyway)

I was browsing Cuddly Octopus's daki lineup since Celesse is selling hers through there, and man there's a surprising amount of loli ones on there for a western-facing site with a lot of art by western artists. Good to see that they're not only willing to handle those but also able to stay in business.

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