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Lisamania XXI coming soon May 2021 !

Everyone is welcome to join !
Please prepare your submissions until then ! :3

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2012 April is probably my favorite version, and this is so far my favorite pic I've done of her

I found the 400 followers lilo animation I did some time ago, but someone increased the fps from 10 to 40 to make it look smoother, I have no idea who did this but it looks good, I might have to get that software for myself. :3

Released FANBOX CONTENT, consider offering your support

Cream hooks up with everyone so why not some content with her and rouge.

I think rouge and cream is a cute dynamic that more people should draw lewd or pure

I can't believe my birthday's tomorrow! And to celebrate, here's Yin (Yin Yang Yo) having a nice time of her own!

Art done by @8horns as a birthday gift!

水着アンチラのポールダンス | 2=8 #pixiv

Did you ever see this scene in Dragon Ball Origins where flashes Master Roshi? Ever wondered what it looks like from a different angle? Now through the magic of camera hacking, we can see what Master Roshi sees!

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