you know, there are more popular artists than me who have drawn more popular pictures of anna and elsa, but I don't care, and you know why?
Because I don't need disgusting ideas like rape, multiple mans, glory holes. I have a lot of respect and love for these characters and for years to this day I can say that I have the best content of loli anna and elsa on internet, i could take popular ideas but I decided to take good ideas, i hope you like this one, it's one of my favorites ❤️

public release. You can catch pieces like these in hi res and a month earlier on my fanbox.

my dumbass posted the wrong version

chloe, lucy and susan from the comic lovin sis and @xierra099 OC's
this is a great comic and was a big inspiration for my comic Royal hearts. I've wanted to draw something with them for a long time. i hope you like it n_n

I've wanted to draw miko for a long time, she have a very sexy body :miko_smug:
i hope you like it! :miko:

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